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Soft starters ADXL series 18...320A

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Soft starters ADXL series 18...320A

ADXL series 30...115A

The new range of LOVATO Electric Soft Starters ADXL series from 18 to 320A is here.

The new ADXL series of soft starters is equipped with a backlit LCD icon display and NFC connectivity for quick and easy configuration, even from smartphones and tablets.
ADXL soft starters are ideal for simple “plug and play” applications thanks to their installation wizard and also for applications that demand high-performance in terms of control and protection during motor startup and operation.

Two-phase control during motor starting and stopping combined with torque control during operation reduce thermal power dissipation.
After startup, the soft starter's internal by-pass contacts close to minimise energy consumption.

ADXL soft starters have integrated functions to protect the motor and the starter itself. They are also able to monitor motor temperature and their own internal temperature, in order to protect their SCR devices against overtemperature.
Motor overtemperature protection can also be provided through an external PTC temperature sensor.

Thanks to the optional EXC 1042 RS485 communication module, compatibility with supervision and energy management Synergy software and Xpress configuration and remote control software, users can keep all soft starter values under constant control and edit setup parameters too.


  • Auto Setup
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Texts available in 6 languages (ENG-ITA-FR-ES-POR-DE)
  • IEC rated starter current Ie from 18 to 115A
  • Torque Control and voltage ramp startup
  • Kick Start
  • Emergency Start
  • Default Setup for Fire Fighting Pumps
  • Maximum starting current
  • Free wheel or controlled stop
  • Sequential startup of up to 4 motors
  • Built-in bypass relay
  • Optical port for programming, data downloads and diagnostics through Xpress software and Sam1 Apps
  • NFC technology for parameter programming through NFC App
  • RS485 communications with optional card (EXC 1042)
  • Modbus-ASCII and Modbus-RTU communication protocols
  • Synergy supervision and remote control software.

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